Journey to wellness with Helena

“ The only real journey is the one within"

– Rainer Maria Rilka

Helena’s counselling Services  offer a gentle, mind-body approach to therapy, enabling new pathways of self-discovery and transformation, from what is, to what can be. 

When you are ready to make those first steps into your Therapeutic Journey, Helena will develop a Mind-Body Programme, which is unique to you and how you see the world.  

Our Online Counselling services are New Zealand wide, held in the comfort of your own space.

Please feel free to book a complimentary 15-minute consultation, to discuss your unique needs
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I have had the privilege of working alongside Helena for 3 years. Helena is a practitioner of high calibre, her professional knowledge and experience combined with her natural energy and commitment to her client group has earnt her much respect from colleagues as well as clients.

“Helena is a practitioner of high calibre”

C. Monahan

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