Fertility Enhance Bodywork

help increase your chances of successful conception

All Body Work is only available within a program.

Fertility enhancement is a way to help prepare the body and mind for the best possible chances for conception and pregnancy.

Difficulty conceiving can be stressful, painful, and takes a toll on the body, mind system. Studies show that bodywork can dial down your anxiety level, balance and improve blood flow and reduce cortisol levels. Since stress has been shown to interfere with getting pregnant, it makes sense that reducing stress could — theoretically — improve your odds of conceiving. 

Even if you are using Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) such as IVF, IUI, etc, you can still receive Fertility Massage to supplement and work with your treatments for optimal results.

Medical difficulties such as endometriosis, low oestrogen levels,  Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), and more can make conception difficult, but the methods used in this Program may enhance your chances.  

Men can also take part in the Fertility Massage Treatments. 

Fertility enhancement therapies can help men with their own conception difficulties, such as low testosterone, low motility, and acidity. As beneficial as Body Work can be for women, these treatments can be just as beneficial for the men to prepare themselves for their part in the conception process.


Fertility Counselling can help you replace negative thought patterns with more positive, realistic ones. To learn to regulate your Nervous system with deep relaxation and breathing techniques to reduce worry and anxiety.

Bioptron Light Body Work assists with body alignment and balance overall, once this is achieved; the ability to bring life through it becomes possible. A study was completed showed, improve quality of sperm and enhanced male fertility.

Abdominal Health bodywork  releases tension and adhesions, helps to detoxify the organs, opens the diaphragm facilitating deeper breathing, promotes digestive and hormonal balance. Working the abdomen relaxes the nervous system promoting a parasympathetic healing state, grounds, centres, helps to recharge the inner batteries (adrenals) and the release of stuck emotions and cellular memory within the body.

Couples Massage and Self Massage Coaching


Balances Hormones
Supports Gut Microbiome 
Reduces Stress
Reduces Toxic Load 
Provides Cellular Support

Castor Oil Pack
Breaks Down Scar Tissue (Cysts, Fallopian Tube Blockages, & Endometriosis)
Brings Healthy Blood Flow to the Uterus
Eases Menstrual Pain
Improves Egg Production
Increases Motility and Sperm Count
Offers Natural Detoxification
Stimulates Blood Circulation

Clients experience

“We had several IVF attempts to get pregnant and decided we would have one more round and if that didn’t work, we would give up.  I had one of Helena’s Fertility Enhance Massages and loved the way it released my stress and connected my mind and body. I knew that this was only part of a big picture, so I decided that I would enter the Fertility Support Program.  My partner and I changed our diets, for me, healing my gut. I had been having digestive problems for as long as I can remember. She taught me ways of keeping of calming stress and I finally faced up to some very painful things in my life, that I had pushed away since I was a child. After another failure, we stopped IVF treatments, that were causing so much stress and disappointment and decided to just accept and let go, live clean, go on holidays and do things that we love to do…there is no scientific evidence, but I really believe that this change of living and being, led to us being pregnant a year later.   Thank you so much Helena”

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