Mindful Walk Talk Therapy

This moment, this step, this breath is all there is and you embrace it in all its richness

Mindful WalkTalk Therapy takes place within a naturally therapeutic outdoor setting; it combines physical earthing and exercise, with counselling, mindfulness and coaching.

Helena’s Zen training has been the basis and inspiration for Mindful Walk Talk Therapy. For some clients it helps with them reaching levels of deeper relaxation. It helps with releasing physical tension, assists in the practice of breath work, while processing experiences in a different way.

Clients talk with me while walking outdoors rather than sitting down in a therapy room. Walking side by side rather than sitting face to face enables some clients to feel more comfortable when sharing in the therapy process.

Mindful Walk-Talk Therapy requires an initial intake counselling session conducted in the clinic  or via online therapy. In the Titirangi Clinic, there are many beautiful walks, or we can meet at a park near you or your workplace. Your confidentiality is important this would be taken into consideration.  You don’t have to be an outdoors person or hiker, walking will be at ease, for a duration that is as long or as short as you require

Mindful WalkTalk Therapy allows you to get out of the chatter in the head and into the body… not worrying or ruminating about what’s been and what’s possibly before us; it is about being present, truly in the moment. You are being mindful of the earth beneath your feet, the air flowing in and out of our lungs, the sights, sounds, smells, and even tastes that we experience as we walk.

Scientists say that mindful walking slows down the heart rate, breathing and calms the parasympathetic nervous system. It can reduce stress related symptoms, anxiety and depression and anger. It may help with physical pain, reduce blood pressure, risk of diabetes, improve strategic thinking and enhance creativity
Many of us are so alienated from our bodies that we don’t feel truly connected with our physical selves. Even worse, we may hold our bodies in contempt, rather than accepting ourselves and having a loving and intimate in-body experience. Healing is not possible without that connection.

DO I have to choose between walk-talk, chair or online?

The initial session will either be in clinic or online.  You are welcome to mix your sessions, clinic, online or walking. When scheduling your appointment, You will be able to discuss the type of session you would prefer.

heres what one of my clients had to say

“I was going through a separation and I had become really stuck in “anger”. I was angry with everyone. In our session I was really agitated and felt quite closed in.  I don’t really like walking, but Helena asked if I wanted to try Walking and Talking. She said if I didn’t like it, we could return to the clinic room, as we weren’t going far. Well … I loved it !  I never would have known how calming this could be. We started off with walking and breathing, just noticing, using my senses to take in my environment, we could have been anywhere really. I was so immersed in what we were doing, that I hadn’t noticed that all my agitation had just melted away. I used to be an arty person, but since my relationship break up I haven’t been interested, having  this technique and some others, has helped me reconnect with my creativity…I am finding Joy again in life, thank you for everything Helena I have learnt so much.”

Please note travel costs may be included

packages & pricing

1 Hour Assessment | $110​

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1 Hour Session | $110
1.5 Hour Session | $160

* You can also see our other counselling options here:
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*3 Sessions
1 Hour Sessions | $ 300

* You can also see our other counselling options here:
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