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The Emotional Freedom Technique was developed in the 1990’s by Gary Craig, with its origins stemming from the ‘Thought Field Therapy’ of Dr Roger Callahan in the 1980’s.

EFT or Meridian Tapping is a user friendly technique based on traditional Chinese acupuncture, following energy pathways, or meridians, that are found throughout the body. When these meridian points are stimulated through tapping, it’s possible to influence the body’s energy flow and promotes a deeper mind-body connection. 

Tapping is an evidence-based stress-relief technique that has been proven to effectively help with traumatic experiences. As a brain-based somatic release technique it mitigates stress, fear and trauma where it is produced – in the brain.

“According to Neuroscience, every memory you have is encoded in your brain with an emotional charge. This charge then creates a neural pathway to signal an appropriate physiological response every time you’re reminded of an experience relevant to that memory. For instance, you might be triggered when someone raises their voice at you. Tapping helps you rewire these neural pathways, so you can eliminate both the subconscious and conscious fears that cause negative reactions in you.”

Releasing Negative Beliefs

 With the client’s permission negative beliefs systems, that have been working against a person in their life, can be identified and changed and a new perspective takes place.

During a EFT session, the practitioner will identify which key beliefs are holding your physical or emotional issue in place

This will be done intuitively and also through a process called “digging”. Digging is a technique used to work down through the layers of beliefs to uncover the bottom or key belief. When a bottom belief is transformed, the beliefs stacked above it, will automatically change – like a house of cards –  freeing you from limiting patterns without the need to relive past traumas.

The practitioner will determine whether you hold certain beliefs through muscle testing. This will also validate that a belief has shifted.

Therefore, focusing on the problem and Tapping, regulates or calms the nervous system, reduces cortisol levels and enables us to release. The fight/flight response is discharged; blood flow is improved to the frontal area of the brain, allowing thought to move from a “Reactive” state to “Reflective”. Whereby logical and creative thought can occur bringing in possibilities of new perspectives, shifting stuck emotional attachments to difficult experiences.  

EFT efficacy in reducing chronic stress, has been compared to talk therapy or rest, it has been clinically shown that it enables the greatest reduction in cortisol. In addition to emotional improvements, people have experienced lower resting heart rate, lower blood pressure, and improvements in immune function. EFT has also successfully been used to help manage anxiety as well as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In addition to the powerful benefits of EFT for mental and emotional well-being, there are also studies to suggest the efficacy of EFT for chronic pain. It is well known in assisting symptoms multi-layered illness. 

EFT has great flexibility not only can it be used for a wide range of issues, but it can be used in numerous ways. Helena uses other Tapping Techniques such as SET which was developed by Australian Energy Psychology pioneers Steve Wells, Psychologist, and Dr. David Lake, medical practitioner and psychotherapist. Many of the techniques and strategies used in SET are adapted and modified from Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Thought Field Therapy ™ (TFT), and other energy psychology approaches, although SET also has several elements that make it uniquely different from those approaches. Also IET Intention-based Energy Process (IEP) is a new emotional empowerment approach developed by Steve Wells that combines the power of tapping with intention for rapid emotional healing. IEP’s powerful specific intentions act as commands to the subconscious mind to release negative attachments and restore energy flow. The results of this process can be both rapid and profound.

Helena offers “Tapping” as an individual Therapy or one of a number of techniques within a Counselling Program. You can also book an appointment for a face to face session or online.

Community Projects

EFT was used to treat trauma after the Genocide in Rwanda to the children who witnessed the machete killings of their families. Practitioners contributed to the healing efforts made in New Town Connecticut at Shady Hook Elementary School, South Florida High School Parkland Florida, and at Santa Fe High school in Texas to aide in reducing the traumas there. Founder Gary Craig did a study among the soldiers who had been home from war (for quite some time) and had dramatically good results in treating PTSD disorder. And now EFT is being used and accepted in the mental health field, hospitals, and slowly becoming a part of the curriculum at some schools that are advocating mindfulness programs.

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heres what one of my clients had to say

“Just over three years ago I started my emotional journey as I faced my situation of having two children to two fathers and I was parenting alone. It was at this point in my life that I realised I needed to take responsibility for my choices, accept my past and learn to set clear boundaries.

where I would be respected and valued by myself and others. I needed to understand my own behaviours, values and beliefs, and change them if necessary so I could live the life I really want. I read books, I went to seminars and attended courses, I went to a few different counsellors and even went to university where I completed some Post Graduate Study in Counselling. I felt that I had a good understanding of all the what, why, where, when and how questions. I was however continuing to react from the “child” stuck in resentment, anger and a sense of injustice. I felt there was something more I needed to learn or do to let go.
I found myself sitting with Helena telling her my story. The environment was so warm and welcoming, I felt relaxed and safe. We agreed that Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) could be the answer. After 6 weeks when we ended with a massage I feel much lighter and have accepted my past. Having the ability to move forward with confidence, as the adult. I am and not the child I kept behaving like is a relief and exciting. I felt that she heard and understood me during our sessions. I believe Helena “got it,” she “got me”. The skills she has taught me will be used in future if I feel anxious or overwhelmed, or if I slip back into my childish behaviours. I would like to thank Helena for her patience, caring nature and amazing skills.”

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