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On our journey of wellness, vitality and mindful living, we embrace and honour the symbiotic relationship between plants and people. The power of synergy is carefully considered in our chosen products, Supplements, Superfoods and blended Tisanes, healing the layers of the whole person and enabling harmony and balance to occur.

Mood Ti

Synergetic effect of various herbs made into Tisanes

We have sourced the finest Organic herbs both locally and globally. Tisanes enhance your wellbeing, balancing mind and body. Ancient healers associated the properties of herbs with different parts of the human body and mind.
Tisanes, not only enhance the brain and the systems that support it but also help to balance mood and stress levels so that the mind and body can function at their most optimal state.
Used in conjunction with MindBody Counselling, it is yet another layer that deepens and strengthens the overall healing process.

Ti Candles and Rituals

Tea Recipes

Check out Helena’s favourite special tisanes and ti recipes and get inspired!

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