Kohatu Stone Massage

relief of chronic pain

All Body Work is only available within a program.

You will feel the natural vibration of Papatuanuku (Mother Earth) as you experience this therapeutic massage enhanced by special stones used to relieve tension, target pressure points and massage muscles and ligaments.

The Practise of Kohatu (stones) placement and massage, is derived from ancient healing rituals. Hot Stones were used on the body, to shift blockages and stagnant energy. This sedative Body Work, is grounding and connecting you to Papatuanuku (Earth Mother), you will feel, embraced, calmed and nurtured. 

It enables the relief of chronic pain, improves circulation and regulates the nervous system, allowing you to be fully present and as you breathe into this moment, stress and overwhelm just melts away.   

Helena harvests her own river stones and in some cases they are gifted to her. Also using, Lemurian Stones, harvested from a portal energy line from the East Coromandel Peninsula, activated by a Lemurian Kaitiaki.  They are a blend of Mustard Jasper, Red Jasper, and Quartz.

Yellow-Jasper is also a highly nurturing stone. It will absorb your pain, It will also ensure that you are moving forward on your life path. This stone will give very strong grounding energy that will make you feel tranquil and serene, invoking a sense of completeness and wholeness. Its energies will work to unify all aspects of your life moving forward

packages & pricing

60 Minute Massage | $100 

75 Minute Massage | $130

90 Minute Massage | $160 

120 Minute Massage | $190 

*Papatunuku Oil Blend is recommended  for this treatment.

*Organic coconut oil is standard and complimentary for Ora Well Bodywork.

Add ons

Ora Rongoa Oil Synergies

*herbal/essential oils

Puku Healing (Gut Health)

Mamae | Painful Body


Ora Essential Oil Blends

Marino | calming  

Aroha | Sensual 

Exotic Aroha | The Love Potion

Mauri Ora | Wellbeing

Papatuanuku | Grounding, Connecting

Kanohi Ora (facial blend)

Magnesium and coconut Oil Blend

Treatment Oil –  $25.0
100ml bottle can be ordered to take home, while scheduling your appointment.

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