Light Therapy

What is light?

The main source of life

The main source of energy

It has been scientifically and medically proven that many diseases and mental disorders are caused by the lack of light. Today we spend almost 90% of our time indoors, without natural light. This is highly risky for our health and is the known cause of multiple diseases. Light is essential to keep healthy and to prevent diseases.

Light therapy is a wonderful adjunct for Counselling Programs, it helps with regulating the Nervous System, Anxiety, Depression, Stress and Burn Out, Fatigue, Insomnia,  Immunity, cell restoration, abdominal and organ health,  to name a few of the benefits. 


European scientists first invented Bioptron Lights in the 1980’s for hospitals to improve treatments for chronic wounds like leg ulcers, bedsores, gangrene and burns.
They work by using the visible light spectrum plus some near infrared light and projecting these light frequencies into the body by polarisation. These frequencies are exactly the electrical frequency; the body enjoys and needs to operate effectively. We have approximately 70 trillion cells all with light receptors. These cells need light, oxygen and water to function. Diseased and damaged cells have low energy, part of what the Bioptron Light does, is recharge these cells; it’s like putting jumper leads onto a flat battery. Everyone feels better on a sunny day; it’s because our bodies are solar powered and receives energy from sunlight.
As well as lifting the energy level of cells so that they function properly, the Bioptron Light increases blood circulation, helps oxygen absorption, awakens nerve pathways, assists our immune system and helps to reduce pain. The difference between what this amazing device does and other treatments is, that while alleviating many issues; it also significantly accelerates the body’s natural healing and repair.

Watch the videos to learn more about how Bioptron Hyperpolarized Light Therapy works. 

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Helena’s approach to Biotron Light Therapy in Therapeutic Programs, is to offer either a Light
Program specifically, or as an adjunct for MindBody Counselling Programs. The Bioptron light can aslo be
purchased for your own use, and used regularly to enhance your well-being.  Millions of Bioptron devices are used throughout the world in hospitals, clinics and homes. Training can be arranged.


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