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Mauri ora signature body work

Mauri Ora Signature Body Work is a fusion of Pacific Seas, New Zealand Maori, Eastern and Western Healing Arts. It is a modality that is available within our Ora Programmes.

Helena’s work is derived from a universal belief, that for healing to occur, there is a need to heal the “whole person.”  She takes you on a journey, from a state of Mauri Moe, where mauri or life force is unconscious or sleeping, to Mauri Oho, an awakening and state of action and growing awareness, to Mauri Ora, a proactive state, a place of wellbeing. 

Her body work is deep, nurturing and nourishing, penetrating the many layers of the being. Mauri Ora Body Work, draws on a number of modalities, Lomi massage, Maori miri miri, Kohatu Stone Work, Energy work, Theta Healing, Chi Nei Tsang and Ha Breath Work.

This beautiful restorative Work, revives the weakened Mauri (Life Force Energy flow), reconnects Mind, Body, Spirit. It supports the body to release cellular memory, by raising its vibration and releasing that which no longer serves.  

Helena works intuitively, reading the bodies cues. The massage component of this work is delivered through rhythmical arm and hand movements, forearms, elbows, the work can be both deep and light. Strokes that create energy flow, or stimulation of pressure-points that can free blockages. 

Her clients relay their unique experiences, but commonly share… a relaxation that is so profound, a beautiful sense of love and wellbeing. Some are witness to movements in the body, beautiful lights, special magical moments and a sense of feeling absolutely free at that moment in time. 

packages & pricing

70 Minutes | $130 
90 Minutes | $160
120 Minutes | $190

*Organic coconut oil is standard and complimentary for Ora Well Bodywork.

Add ons

Kohatu (Stone) Massage with blended oils  (optional)
30 Minutes | $60

Kanohi (facial ) Massage with blended oils (optional)
30 Minutes | $70

Mahunga (Head) Massage with blended oils (optional)
30 Minutes | $60

Ora Rongoa Oil Synergies

*herbal/essential oils

Puku Ora (Gut Health)

Mamae | Painful Body

Waiuku | Depression/Anxiety

Ora Essential Oil Blends

Marino | calming  

Aroha | Sensual 

Mauri Ora | Wellbeing

Papatuanuku | Grounding, Connecting

Magnesium and coconut Oil Blend

Treatment Oil –  $25.0
100ml bottle can be ordered to take home, while scheduling your appointment. $60.00

Clients experience

“Beautiful experience…always incredibly impacting…best healing and energy work i have experienced…” – LH

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