Trauma Release Technique

What is trauma release technique?

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Your body keeps a physical memory of all of your experiences. Over time, these memories fade. The events of our lives leave physiological imprints in our bodies, especially when we experience trauma and events that cause overwhelming emotions. These live on in our body in the form of physical pain and stress related illness and often destructive behaviour patterns.

You can forget, block, or intellectualise the memories that are stored in our brains, but how do you work through the memories being stored in your body?

Trauma and Release Techniques, allow you to release in a natural and safe way. They trigger Neurogenic Tremors, or involuntary shaking of the muscles that helps us release deep held stress and tension and allow our nervous system to calm creating the capacity for our bodies and mind to heal. 

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Certified Tre Instructor

Helena is a certified TRE instructor, she specialises in Trauma and Overwhelm Techniques and weaves these techniques into your Programs.  (Link programs)

Shaking is a natural response to extreme stress – whether it’s an actual life or death situation or feeling overwhelmed before public speaking.  TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) can radically transform the way we deal with stress, particularly old and accumulated trauma that has been stored in the body.

TRE is a simple set of exercises to help reset the reflexes and habits in the central nervous system. When we experience tension and trauma, the old parts of the brain become stuck in defensive strategies, making us tight and contracted prepared for fight-or-flight or freeze. The Psoas muscle deep in the body is the ‘fight/flight’ centre.  where emotions are stored and body systems are connected. Learn to release from this muscle and you too can enjoy new freedom from  physical, mental and emotional symptoms that have manifested as a result of holding on to them.

The natural, somatic response to over-excitement or fear is to tremor.

Studies on animal behaviour shows how tremoring protects them from psychological & physical damage after a frightening experience.

Humans are also able to release trauma via shaking, however It has been seen overtime, as a weakness and vulnerability, so we don’t release stress and tension we hold it in and push on. As a consequence, we freeze or suppress the response, which could lead to stress related disorders and disease.

Who is tre for?

TRE can benefit everyone.  Specifically, TRE can reduce the psychological, emotional, and physical impacts of:

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TRE is designed to be a self-help tool that, once learned, can be used independently as needed throughout one’s life, thereby continuously supporting and promoting personal health and wellness.  It can also be practiced in groups or with the on-going support of a skilled facilitator in one-on-one sessions.

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