Mind Body Therapies

The key to ataining well being is awareness

MindBody Therapy will enable you to understand that not only does the mind influences the body, but awareness of the body, of how and where it holds physical stress and emotional pain, helps heal the mind! Your mind may repress painful emotions and memories, but the body remembers it all, and it always tells the truth.

Our body’s natural response to a threat is extremely helpful for immediately dangerous experiences. However, the nervous system can become stuck in a state of tension, arousal, or shutdown. At this point, the nervous system remains in that state on a chronic basis. This can lead to Mental and Physical illness, ranging from chronic muscle tension and pain, anxiety and depression, insomnia, digestive issues, chronic fatigue, compromised immune system, autoimmune and other stress related diseases. All are serious dysfunctions of the autonomic nervous system.   It is then essential to bring the ANS back into balance.

Helena can assist you to learn ways of Regulating the Nervous System, Reconnecting Mind and Body.  Developing your innate resilience and build greater capacity for life’s challenges.

Please take a look at the modalities and techniques I offer, some of these tools will work better for you than others… because you are absolutely unique!

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