Reconnecting with
Mindful Couples Massage

Since the pandemic, couples tend to be spending more time together, which in turn, has increased the potential for conflict, along with the cumulative effect of related stressors.  For many, they are blocked, frustrated, unable able to express themselves or get their point across.  Inevitably, couples can become discouraged from sharing and in some cases, communication breaks down altogether. A break from verbal communication, if agreeable, is not always a negative thing, however for some couples, they find it very difficult to rebuild that deep chasm that now exists.

In many cases, when verbal communication seems impossible, moving out of the complicated mind, a Somatic Mindful approach of Therapy,  that rebuilds communication via the body, the art of touch and loving massage strokes, can really help couples find their way back.  

Touch is a crucial element, to the couple’s emotional essence.  It helps them to reconnect, love and feel secure together. The more that partners feel that secure attachment through touch/closeness and proximity, the more they feel supported and better able to cope with the struggles they face in their day-to-day lives.

Skin-to-skin touching can be sexual, but it can also be non-sexual and intimate. Touching your partner’s hair, holding the back of their neck, or dragging your fingertips lightly over the skin, can communicate to your partner, that you are here in this moment, connected and engaged on every level, with them.  

In my experience, I have seen a number of couples that have come into my Therapy Room, to take part in the, one on one Couples Workshop, that haven’t had a meaningful conversation for quite some time and left, looking into one another’s eyes, talking, laughing and planning their next Massage date together.  

Couples Workshops can be tailored for your specific situation. Talk Therapy, Breath Work, Body Work and Energy work, an array of techniques that best meets your unique needs. 

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