Navigating Wellness : Post Covid

Much has been written about the Covid 19 Lockdown and the impact this had on people physically, emotionally, economically and socially. Within my own Counselling Practice and Social Services across the board, it has been a well-known fact that people had been experiencing and continue to experience, overwhelming fear, worry and hardship.  When we are facing a crisis of any sort, fear and overwhelm are natural responses. This leads to constantly ruminating about all sorts of things that may never occur, or are out of your control.  From another perspective, people have described this time as an opportunity, for rest and replenishment, a time for compassion, to look within and create change in their lives.  Therefore when considering helpful interventions within the private sector, or the workplace, it is key to take into account, how people see the world from their unique perspective.

Post Lockdown, finds us still living in uncertainty, the ripple on effects are still very much evident as we witness COVID-19, as it continues to affect the world.  And while it’s completely natural for us to experience worry and fear of the unknown, it is not useful or helpful; it negatively impacts our health and wellbeing, long and short term.  

Control what you can control – Self-care is at the top of the list. Here are some tools that you can pop into your Kete.

  • Be Present! For some this may sound a little cliché, but never under estimate the power of the “breath’ bringing you back into the present moment in time, leaving behind overwhelming thoughts and sensations.  Before you get into auto pilot and rush into your day, step out of the bed, feel the floor under your feet, connect with Papatuanuku and take an intentional breath.  Using simple breathing methods, can help regulate the nervous system, assists you to think reflectively rather than reactively and bring you back into your body, out of the” Chatter” in your mind. 
  • Reframe your perception. The more we focus on what’s not in our control, the more helplessness and overwhelm we feel: Focus on what you can control!
  • Acknowledge and Accept your thoughts and feelings, allow them to come in and move out, without criticism or self-judgement. Resisting creates overwhelm to occur. Remember we are not our thoughts.
  • Continue to move your body
  • Nourish yourself on every level. What we eat not only impacts how our body functions, with regard to our immune system, but it also impacts on how we feel and our bodies ability to manage stress.
  • Balance your depleting activities with replenishing activities.
  • Stay connected, reach out to whanau and community in your own way
  • Schedule one thing a week that brings you absolute joy.

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