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TI Ritual Candles are made from 100% natural soy wax, premium quality fragrant essential oils, with wooden wicks.  They are infused with Tisane medical herbs and plants, that assist in bringing you back into your body,  out of the mind space, and clearing stagnant energy.

They are hand-poured with Aroha/loving intention, into 150g tins and burn for approximately 30hrs. They are wonderful for travel or placing them at home in your special place for Ti Meditation Ritual.

They can be bought separately, or in a gift box or you may wish to buy them as a bulk order for a group event.
Single Cost: $20
Bulk 6 $114
Bulk 10 $180

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Lighting candles … allows us to have a mindful moment, to create calmness in our body and mind and set intentions.
Most meditation is done with your eyes closed, focusing attention inward. Our Ti meditation is a different type of meditation, you keep your eyes open and gently transition into a gaze, taking in the beautify of the candlelight, the mindful preparation of the Ti, focusing and embracing your inner senses.

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1 tin, 6 tins, 10 tins