Corn flower


Cornflower is an annual plant in the daisy family noted for its vibrant blue-to-purple flowers owing
to a blue pigment called protocyanin.
As a tonic, it increases immunity and help you to resist infections. Taken at the start of an infection,
it can help to reduce the severity of it. For the immune boosting effects, drink three times a day for
no longer than two to three weeks. As with all herbal teas, you need to give yourself a break from
the tea every two or three months. This tea is also quite good for those with rheumatism and aching
muscles. It is quite bitter though so you may need to sweeten it with some honey to help it go down
more easily.
Toss a few flowers into the bath to help soften and soothe the skin. Cornflowers have long been
used for their anti-inflammatory properties and soothing effect. Apply to arthritic problem areas as a
poultice – keep it as warm as you can handle. This is also a good remedy if you are stiff and sore
from exercise.
Most commonly cornflowers is known for its ability to revive tired eyes and ease eye strain You can
use this tea as eyewash or as a cool compress. Relax and allow the health benefits and uses of
cornflowers to help you to ease eye strain.
More Health Benefits of Cornflower
Yeast Infections | Chest congestion | Constipation | Fever | Menstrual disorders | Liver disorders
Gallbladder disorders | digestive disorders | Anxiety
Soothe anxiety

Drinking it as an herbal tea can help soothe stomach ulcers. And using it as a mouth rinse can help
speed up the healing of mouth sores, gum sores and bleeding gums.
Making a stronger tea with the flower buds can also help with urinary tract infections because of the
plants antibiotic and antiseptic qualities.

Allergy to ragweed, daisies, and related plants: Cornflower may cause an allergic reaction in people
who are sensitive to the Asteraceae/Compositae plant family. Members of this family include
ragweed, chrysanthemums, marigolds, daisies, and many others. If you have allergies, be sure to
check with your healthcare provider before using cornflower.
Ora Well recommends that you check with your healthcare practitioner before taking Tisanes if you
are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medications, heading to surgery. Keep out of reach of children
and do not administer to children without your health providers advice.