Yarrow has a strong ability to improve both the skin and internal health naturally. Yarrow is especially useful when it comes to treating different conditions of the skin, although it has many unique internal benefits as well. It contains a number of properties including alkamides as well as sesquiterpene lactones, which help to promote healing of the skin and the body. That’s why yarrow is most often used as an antiseptic. In this article, we’ll go over some of the most useful benefits of this plant. Find out ten benefits of yarrow.

1. Calms Respiratory Symptoms
Yarrow is most often described as a treatment for various skin conditions. However, one of the most beneficial effects of this powerful remedy is its ability to soothe symptoms of the respiratory system. For those who have asthma – a condition that causes swelling in the bronchi – yarrow can be a quick and relatively effective treatment. Yarrow, as demonstrated by various studies, has been shown to dilate the bronchi, thus making it easier to breathe.

2. Yarrow has a wide history when it comes to the treatments of all kinds of ailments of the stomach.

3. Over time Yarrow can help to increase the natural balance of hormones within the body. Naturally, it is important to combine a healthy diet with plenty of exercises and plenty of sleep

4. Promotes healing for scars, wounds and inflammation

5. Consuming Yarrow may be highly beneficial in aiding the stomach and poor digestion. One way that yarrow works is by relaxing the muscles and helping to prevent muscle contractions.

Avoid taking during pregnancy.
Ora Well recommends that you check with your healthcare practitioner before taking Tisanes if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medications. Keep out of reach of children.

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