Also known in NZ as the pepper plant and is widely used for culinary purposes.
Horopito has a long list of traditional uses . There is also some promising scientific research done in
New Zealand that highlights some specific therapeutic benefits of Horopito.
Traditionally, fresh leaves of Horopito were chewed or boiled for toothache and stomach-ache. Early
settlers used Horopito as a substitute for quinine to treat diarrhoea and gastric infections. It was
used for stomach aches and known as a Painkiller in such cases. It was also utilised for coughs, colds
and asthma.
Topically, Horopito was used for skin diseases, wounds, cuts and burns as well as for painful bruising
and sore joints. it can also be used for promoting circulation, and is useful for those with chill-blains,
and impaired circulatory function.
The main action of Horopito is anti-fungal with many years of research-backed evidence to verify
this. Other beneficial actions may include anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic.
As a precaution it is not recommended during pregnancy or lactation.
People should not use if they sensitive to spicy/hot foods
Ora Well recommends that you check with your healthcare practitioner before taking Tisanes if you
are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking medications, heading to surgery. Keep out of reach of children
and do not administer to children without your health providers advice.

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